About Me

Hi there!

This is a blog about my keto (or ketogenic) lifestyle and feeling happier and healthier! I eat a diet focused on fresh produce; such as meat, seafood, dairy, vegetables and nuts. I try to eat whole foods as much as possible and avoid processed sugar and grain-based foods. Adopting this approach to eating has completely changed my life.

I hope that this will become a place to share my recipes, experiences and to serve as further motivation to keep going – for both myself and for anyone else that might follow along!

Keto has similarities with many other diets such as low carb (or LCHF), Atkins and paleo. If you’re wondering what it’s about, I highly recommend this book. If you’re curious about my personal benefits and challenges until now, please read about my journey so far.

I currently live in Tokyo Amsterdam where I love to cook and travel.

About Happy Keto

I started this little blog for a number of reasons:

  • To write about the things I’m learning on my journey. 
    I’m always trying to learn more about the best foods for me, where to find them and how to add variety.
  • To push myself in the kitchen to try new things.
    I’ve always been a foodie, but an incredibly lazy cook. My pantry has always been minimal and I like to do the best I can with what I have. This means that while some of my recipes are incredibly basic, I hope they will evolve as I experiment each day.
  • To provide country specific information, especially in Japan.
    I’ve lived in Asia, Europe, Australia and America, and I still travel often. I currently live in Japan the Netherlands where sourcing ingredients and products can often be tricky. I hope to share insights from my travels through various regions.
  • To keep myself motivated and accountable.
    Sometimes it’s hard to keep going and I want to write openly about both my successes and my failures.
  • To improve my photography and food styling skills.
    I’m a photographer, but this is a relatively new subject matter for me. Keto meals aren’t always the most beautiful to look at, so I’m excited for the challenge!
  • To share all of these experiences and learnings with others.
    If I can share one piece of valuable advice, connect with someone or inspire just one person, it’s all worth it to me!

Thanks so much for being here.
Ash xx 

Don’t know where to start? Here are my latest (and greatest!)

Please Note

  • I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or medical professional. If you’re looking to make significant changes in your diet, please consult a professional first.
  • My posts sometimes include Amazon affiliate links. This means that if a product is purchased via that link, I receive a small commission. These are added only when links are available for products I truly want to write about.