• Blueberry Chia Pudding for keto and low carb. Easy recipe for breakfast.

    Keto Blueberry Chia Pudding with Coconut Milk

    Since starting keto, fruit is something I’ve mostly avoided. Though full of natural sugars, the high sugar content can still affect ketosis, so they are generally off the list. However, like anything, some…

  • Keto pumpkin soup low carb. Easy recipe using kabocha.

    Keto Pumpkin Soup with Cumin and Ginger

    Happy New Year! After spending the festive season in a much warmer climate, I’m now back home in chilly winter weather again and craving warm comfort foods. One of my old favorites has always been…

  • Masala chai tea for keto and low carb. Authentic Indian recipe with whole spices from scratch.

    Keto Masala Chai

    Each morning we spent in New Delhi, my partners grandmother would insist on making me a masala chai. The aromas floating out of her kitchen were incredible and I came to crave…

  • Avocado pasta for keto and low carb. Easy recipe with shirataki noodles.

    Keto Creamy Avocado Pasta with Shirataki

    This quick and simple avocado pasta uses shirataki noodles as a base, with only a few other basic ingredients. It uses what I had leftover in the fridge; an avocado and some thickened cream, along…

  • Chia pudding for keto and low carb. Easy overnight recipe with strawberries and almonds.

    Keto Overnight Chia Pudding

    If you’d mentioned chia seeds to me a year ago, I would have laughed at the idea of such a health food. I can vividly remember tasting a drink with them and…

  • Sashimi on a Keto Diet in Japan
    Foods, Keto In Japan

    Sashimi and Keto

    When I first started out on keto, my research led to many warnings about how difficult it would be to follow in Japan. At times it’s certainly not easy, however there are a plethora of incredible…

  • Lindt Excellence 99% Cacao Dark Chocolate on a Keto Diet

    Lindt 99% Cacao Excellence Chocolate Bar

    Lindt has always been one of my favorite treats so I was excited to find their Excellence 99% Cocoa Bar. This chocolate is rich and intense without the usual sweetness to hide the bitterness, so it’s…