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  • Japanese mushroom types and keto or low carb.

    Japanese Mushrooms and Keto

    When I was growing up in Australia most of the mushrooms we’d eat came in cans. There were only a few types of fresh mushrooms at our supermarket (mostly champignons) which we’d cart home in paper…

  • Sashimi on a Keto Diet in Japan
    Foods, Keto In Japan

    Sashimi and Keto

    When I first started out on keto, my research led to many warnings about how difficult it would be to follow in Japan. At times it’s certainly not easy, however there are a plethora of incredible…

  • Lindt Excellence 99% Cacao Dark Chocolate on a Keto Diet

    Lindt 99% Cacao Excellence Chocolate Bar

    Lindt has always been one of my favorite treats so I was excited to find their Excellence 99% Cocoa Bar. This chocolate is rich and intense without the usual sweetness to hide the bitterness, so it’s…